On Potty Humor

April 11, 2013 § Leave a comment

This post may be a little graphic. It’s about poop. So faithful readers or Google stumblers, press on to previous posts if poop is not your forte.

There are lots of things I did to prepare myself for Arthur joining the Peace Corps. I’ve mentioned them frequently throughout this blog. There were of course things I could not do to prepare myself. Most of this was because they were country specific. What I experience while dating Arthur in the Dominican Republic will certainly not be the same as someone dating a volunteer in any other country. One thing, I think, is certainly the same. You suddenly become very honest about things.

And I mean honest.

Peace Corps Volunteers to other PCVs talk a lot about poop. It’s just something you do. Not as a favorite past time (you sicko). But there are weird things happening in that restroom. Or hole. Or toilet. Or latrine.

Somehow, Arthur roped me up into this level of comfort: The Poop Talk. We got caught up discussing what made us so comfortable talking about poop in the first place and  I think we diagrammed it fairly well.

For all you poop people, here are our before and after Peace Corps poop talks.

[Edit: May 27, 2013: This link here is even better than any poop conversation I could ever have.]

Before Peace Corps:

Me: Man, my tummy hurts.

Arthur: Do you have to poop?

Me: No, no. I’m fine. I think it’ll pass.

-A few minutes later-

Me: Erhsfldm.

Arthur: You should just go poop.

Me: I don’t have to poop. My tummy just hurts.

Arthur: It’s okay if you have to poop, Marie.

Me: I will just hold it. I’ll be okay. Stop talking about it.

During/After Peace Corps:

Me: Man, my tummy hurts.

Arthur: Do you have to poop?

Me: I think it’s worse than that.

Arthur: Are you sure?

Me: Parasite pain sure.

Arthur: Uh oh, are you sure?

Me: I am about to have diarrhea. Please walk with me to the latrine.

Arthur: Feeling that good, huh?

-After the massacre-

Arthur: What did it look like?

Me: Pretty normal. I think it was just poop.

Arthur: Awesome!

Poop. Bringing couples together, one trip to the latrine at a time.


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